Clone MOD’s and RDA’s, whats the difference?

The Bali Vape team is often asked the questions, what is the difference between a authentic and a clone product? Are clone products safe to use? These questions are really hard to answer because there are to many different types of clones available, produced under different quality standards. in our 3.5 years of experience in the vape business we have seen some awesomely great clones but have also purchased our fair share of clones which we ended up putting in the “reject bin”.
In the quest of providing Vapers in Bali with the most accurate and customer serving information we have created this page to shed some light on the things to look for when shopping for a Clone MOD or RDA.
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  1. What is the definition of a clone?
    A clone is a products produced based on the specific looks and dimensions of an Authentic products, usually produced at only a fraction of the price of the Authentic product.
  2. Who is producing these clones?
    In Chine there are vast number of factories producing the cloned mechanical mods and/or RDA’s, RTA’s and RDTA’s. The quality and price standards of these companies vary a lot. The price difference between some clones can be up to 50% between different factories, this usually reflects in the quality of the product at first sight and the first couple days to weeks of use.
  3. Is it safe to use cloned products?
    this is a very hard question to answer because to it depends on a number 2 main variables:

    • Experience and knowledge of the user, for beginners we NEVER recommend using a mechanical mod because they require extensive knowledge about the way a mechanical mod works to complete the electric circuit and the power you are drawing from your battery to be well within the safety limits. Me personally as Vaper with over 3.5 years of experience still do not feel completely comfortable using a mechanical mod from both a convenience and a safety perspective.
      Using a cloned RDA on a (Good Brand) electrical mod should carry very little risk as the electrical mod itself should have a number of safety features in place to ensure the atomizers will not be fired in case of a short circuit or any other endangering situations.
    • Quality of the clone product sold by a shop (Responsibility).
      The quality of the clone is a factor in both physical safety as well as financial safety. Cheap can work out really expensive.
      I think the reputation of the shop where the clone product is purchased is a great deal in the process of deciding whether to purchase a clone product or not. The quality of a clone product is usually closely related to its price, it is up to the Vape Shop’s management if they decide to sell a  better yet more pricely version of the clone, which can often be challenging to sell and explain to the customer or they opt to go for a cheap clone which is usually easier to sell and draws more attention in marketing but often ends up leaving behind a disappointed end user.
    • Quality of the clone product sold by a shop (Experience).
      We at Bali Vape receive offers from new manufacturers and distributors from china almost every day, offering cloned products at even cheaper prices than before. Because Bali Vape has been in the Vape business since early 2014 we have a lot of experience with trying offers from the “new guys on the block”, this often resulted in having to put products in the “reject bin” from the beginning or even getting high quality samples in but receiving different products every time we re-ordered. We are now at a stage where we have established good relations based on honnesty with a number of suppliers that provide us with reliable products, good support and quality information on new products being released.
  4. Can you tell the quality grade of a clone by its packaging?
    In some cases the lack of quality of a clone product is already represented by the cheap look of its packaging, in general a manufacturer which is cutting corners in terms of the quality of the product will also spend as little as possible on the packaging. However, the packaging for clone products are mass produced by packaging companies and are available to any clone manufacturer so the packaging is definitely far from conclusive.

So basically the conclusion is that there are to many differences between cloned products to give an accurate answer on their safety just based on the way they look.
The users of mechanical mods (clones and authentic) need to have a very good understanding about how their specific mod works to complete the electrical circuit and should always use the safest possible batteries in top condition.  Using a clone RDA on a electrical device from a reputable brand is destined to carry less risk because of the safety features preventing the electrical mod from firing in cases where a mechanical mod would not give you any warning.

For more complete and personal advise, feel free to visit one of our Bali Vape outlets where we have put our maximum effort in training our staff to be able to provide you with the best service possible.

We wish you a Safe and Cloudy day!